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Sunday morning in downtown Warren Ohio's Central Business District


There is no question that the City of Warren Ohio is on a path of rebuilding and rebirth. No one person or entity should have the responsibility or monopoly in achieving this. Instead, it’s teamwork by citizen’s who aren’t directly connected; whose arenas include non-profits, schools, banks, professional services, creative fields, restaurants, car dealerships, and so forth. Despite different arenas, their knowledge, skill sets, and ethics play a vital role in making the city all it can be.

Like the book, ‘Art of War’, whose title and contents sparked the idea for this website and movement, making the City better will require smart strategies and tactics that are uncomfortable, but required; difficult yet doable. United, it will happen.

Visual Storytelling + Content

Our content will focus on people, businesses, and organizations who are helpingĀ make our city a better place. Whether public art initiatives, classrooms, boardrooms, mom and pop shops, factory floors, or street-side, the stories will have no limitations.