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Public Art
Artist Josh Ford working on his art installation for the Occupied Warren Project, in Warren, Ohio. Photographed by DeShawn Scott of the D5 Group.

Occupied Warren Visual Entry Four

Although I don’t trust it, the weather seems to be getting better. For the first time, I don’t have to wear a winter coat to the project site. Yeah, this is Ohio, I’ll need the winter coat tomorrow. On a positive note, the Occupied Warren project is moving forward nicely. The pounding of a hammer and...Read More
Artist Bill Barron works on his concept for the Occupied Warren public art project in Warren, Ohio. Photography by DeShawn Scott of the D5 Group, a digital and visual marketing agency.

Occupied Warren Visual Entry Three

3 April 2018 For public art installations, April is usually an ideal time to get to work. However, since the project meet-up on March 17th, the weather has been unfavorable for the Occupied Warren project. Low temperatures outside, means even lower temperatures inside the heatless house. Between the snow, rain, and overall dreary days, for...Read More

Occupied Warren Visual Entry Two

Today, I had a chance to meet a few artists participating in the project. Led by James Shuttic, Executive Director of the Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County, the meet-up began at the Mocha House. Sign-ups, introductions, and project details were the focus of the hour. From there, the next move was into the cold...Read More
Occupied Warren Public Art Project

Occupied Warren

Welcome to the Art of Warren website and the “visual diary” of the Occupied Warren exhibition. Until its end, all content posted here will focus on the Occupied Warren exhibition. If you followed my blog dedicated to the Scott Street Mural, then you have an understanding of how this blog site will flow. For those of...Read More