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Artist Jessica Oswald works on her art installation for Occupied Warren 2.0

Occupied Warren 2.0 Visual Entry Five


Jessica Oswald participated in the first Occupied Warren project in 2018. Aside from being a beautiful work of art, one thing that stuck with me about Jessica’s installation was the guests’ reactions to it. People were consoling one another, some cried, others just stood in silence and looked. Jessica describes this exhibit and the impact on viewers in the audio segment below.

Artist Jessica Oswald's Occupied Warren Exhibit

Jessica Oswald’s 2018 Occupied Warren Art Installation

Jessica is back to participate in this year’s Occupied Warren 2.0 theme – Fantasy & Fairytales. Just like last year, she’s hard at work.

Entering the house, I could hear a constant and rhythmic thud on the second floor. I wasn’t sure which artist was up there working, but whoever it was, I knew they were hard at work.

Finally making to the upstairs area, I looked to my left, and there was Jessica. She was patiently and methodically stapling material for her exhibit into the floor.

Artist working on art installation in vacant home

During our brief conversation, Jessica told me that she’s also working offsite on another component for her installation. Of course, I’m not going to reveal what it is, but I will say this – prepare to be amazed.

Don’t forget, the dates for Occupied Warren 2.0.
September 13th 5 PM – 7 PM, September 14th, 11 AM – 4 PM. See you there.

Artist working on art installation in vacant home


Audio Sessions | Ep. 7 and 8: Jessica Oswald

What sparked your interest in art?

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