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Portrait of Occupied Warren Curator, and artist, James Shuttic

Occupied Warren 2.0 the Curator


As part of our Audio Sessions series, project manager, curator, and artist for the Occupied Warren 2.0 Public Art Project, James Shuttic, stopped by Sound United to answer a few interview questions. Wearing multiple “hats” for the project, and having curated last year’s Occupied Warren, James offers a unique perspective on the project.


Staircase of Occupied Warren 2.0 project site

Where you can find more Occupied Warren content:

1. D5 Group’s Instagram channel (@the_d5group)
2. Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership’s social channels
3. Occupied Warren Facebook Page
4. Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County Facebook Page

Occupied Warren 2.0 sign

About Audio Sessions

Powered by the Sound United Podcast Studio, Audio Sessions is a series that features artists, and partners of the Occupied Warren Public Art Project. Each guest answers a series of questions from personal to the project itself. The goal is to build a connection and give you insight into the project, artists, and project partners.

Audio Sessions | Ep. 5 and 6: JAMES SHUTTIC

Viewer Takeaway

How has the Occupied Warren Public Art Project impacted you?


Female artist working on public art installation
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