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Artist Josh Ford working on his art installation for the Occupied Warren Project, in Warren, Ohio. Photographed by DeShawn Scott of the D5 Group.

Occupied Warren Visual Entry Four


Although I don’t trust it, the weather seems to be getting better. For the first time, I don’t have to wear a winter coat to the project site. Yeah, this is Ohio, I’ll need the winter coat tomorrow. On a positive note, the Occupied Warren project is moving forward nicely.

The pounding of a hammer and music with a high BPM (beats per minute)  – these were the two sounds I heard while walking to the third floor. After reaching my destination, with gear in hand, I looked into the room and witnessed the creative workflow of artist Josh Ford.

Part of art installation by artist Josh Ford, for the Occupied Warren Public Art Exhibit in Warren, Ohio. Photograph by DeShawn Scott of the D5 Group

After introducing myself, I did the usual of breaking down my process: be yourself, pretend I’m not here, I will only photograph small sections of your work, and my ears are not Rated G certified, so if you swear or any of that stuff it’s all good. Josh responded with a slight grin followed by, “ok.” It was time to get to work.

A few minutes into documenting Josh, he asked for my opinion regarding the “feelings book” that’s part of his installation. He explained that the goal is to have guests write their feelings or thoughts after viewing his artwork. My reply to his question was, “It’s a great complement to the project. However, you must be willing to appreciate all the responses whether you like them, or not.” He agreed.

You’re in for an emotional experience when you make it to the third floor, and visit the second room on the right.

Artist Josh Ford within his art installation for the Ocupied Warren Project. Photographed by DeShawn Scott of the D5 Group.

You can visit the Occupied Warren Exhibition  June 8th and 9th in the City of Warren, Ohio’s Garden District.

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Artist Bill Barron works on his concept for the Occupied Warren public art project in Warren, Ohio. Photography by DeShawn Scott of the D5 Group, a digital and visual marketing agency.
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