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Close up of artwork created by Gianna Jones for the Occupied Warren Public Art Project.

Occupied Warren Visual Entry Nine


Color. Expression. Emotion.

The Occupied Warren Public Art project comes to a close.

What started as a house featuring scarred walls; graffiti; littered floors; and remnants of past inhabitants, is now replaced with color, beautiful art, and the lively personalities of artists. If you followed my previous blogs and then attended the exhibition, you could bear witness.

Opening Day for Occupied Warren was everything I thought it would be. Thought provoking art; guests as far as Pittsburgh; and discussions on doing a similar project in the future. If you didn’t get a chance to view the exhibition you missed out on a fun, and in some cases, emotional experience; however, fret not.

You can check out this new curated gallery of photographs featuring moments during the project here. Also, below is a highlight video created for Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership, and featuring the artists and their installations. Wait there’s more!

As an artistic contribution to the project, I created a Q & A audio series featuring several Occupied Warren artists and Matt Martin, the executive director of Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership. Each artist was asked a few specific questions with free reign on how to answer. One minute and thirty seconds was the maximum time they were allowed to answer each question. For those of you who didn’t get to meet the artists, this is an excellent way to get their insight. Here are a couple of samples. You can visit The D5 Group’s Youtube Channel for more audio content.

Before ending this series on the Art of Warren website, I want to thank everyone involved for helping make Occupied Warren a success. It was amazing to watch the artists process.

A very special thank you goes out to Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership for allowing The D5 Group to be part of something special. It’s an honor.

Signing out for the last time… sadly,


A purposely blurry photograph of artist Jessica Oswald working on her Occupied Warren art installation. Photographed by DeShawn Scott of The D5 group
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