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Occupied Warren Public Art Project

Occupied Warren


Welcome to the Art of Warren website and the “visual diary” of the Occupied Warren exhibition.

Until its end, all content posted here will focus on the Occupied Warren exhibition. If you followed my blog dedicated to the Scott Street Mural, then you have an understanding of how this blog site will flow. For those of you who haven’t, you can expect about 80% visual content and the rest words. We’ve also added an audio-focused element to the story.


Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (TNP) and the Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County (FACT) are hosting a public art exhibition, Occupied Warren, modeled in the spirit of the highly successful Rooms to Let: CLE, produced by the Slavic Villiage Community Development Corporation. Telling the visual story of the exhibition’s development is the D5 Group.


Occupied Warren will create a temporary exhibition in a vacant, blighted house located in Warren’s Garden District that will include works of art created, installed, developed, revealed, or performed by local artists exploring themes of blight, abandonment, vacancy, and the revitalization process the city is undergoing. Artists will also be encouraged to use salvaged or found materials and the abandoned home itself as part of their submissions. This project is meant to showcase the work of local artists while stimulating awareness and starting a deeper conversation about the journey from blight to revitalization in Warren and other legacy cities like it, left in the wake of decades of disinvestment and economic displacement.  Artists are encouraged to explore the tapestry of stories and experiences of our neighborhoods, what they were, what happened, and what they are. 

Projects can be –  New, Social/Community-based, Individual, Conceptual, Site-Specific, Collaborative, Multi-disciplinary, Performance, Interior and/or Exterior.  We are also seeking artists to conduct relevant, hands-on art activities for youth and adults as part of the day’s community celebration.

When and where can you check it out?

 June  8th and 9th 2018 during a two-day temporary art exhibit in Warren, Ohio’s Garden District

Visual Storytelling

The goal for D5 is to document different aspects of the project in a creative and edgy way. We have no restrictions on how to tell the story, which is a great thing.

We are kicking off the visuals in black and white. The primary reason is that it visually communicates the dark and grittiness of the house. As the project further develops, you’ll start to view color images that show the project’s progression. As for the artists, you’ll have to wait and see but here’s one tidbit, our conversations and interviews with them will be unscripted.

At least for now, there is no set time or date for content to be posted. I advise to check back every few days. If you’re on Instagram, be sure to follow the hashtag #occupiedwarren 

Thanks for viewing.



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