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House for Occupied Warren 2.0 Art Exhibit in Warren, Ohio

Rise of Occupied Warren 2.0


If you’re behind on what precisely the Occupied Warren Public Art Project is, you can start your visual storytelling journey here. For a more in-depth explanation, you can find information on the Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County website.

If you’re up to speed, welcome to the first entry of Occupied Warren 2.0.

Unlike last year, development for this year’s Occupied Warren started in the warm month of May. Two weeks ago, we were commissioned to document the project, and here we are.

Occupied Warren Project Site in Warren, Ohio

Project Site.

After scouting this year’s Occupied Warren project site, some things are similar to last year:

• There is no electricity
• There is no running water and
• Many of the rooms required some TLC before the artists began their masterpieces

This year’s project site isn’t as big as last year’s, but from what I’ve seen, the artwork is going to be incredible.

Since our coverage of the house started late, and a few artists are wrapping up their art installations, we going to be careful how we document the rooms. We don’t want to reveal too much of their artwork before the opening.

Something else different on our end is that we’re interviewing a few artists inside the Sound United Podcast Studio. You’ll be able to listen to those interviews on our Instagram, and Youtube Channels. Of course, we’ll have photographs and copy here, Facebook, and Instagram.

Post interview photo of D5 Group team, and Occupied Warren artist artist Gianna Jones (Center)

Post-interview photo with Occupied Warren Artist Gianna Jones, and part of The D5 Group team.

Before closing this post out, on behalf of everyone on The D5 Group team, a special thank you to the Ohio Arts Council, Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership, Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County, and the Occupied Warren artists. Stay tuned for more.


Behind the Scene Photos

Scenes from the Occupied Warren Project 2.0


Close up of artwork created by Gianna Jones for the Occupied Warren Public Art Project.
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