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What’s Next After Occupied Warren 2.0

Now that Occupied WARREN 2.0 has come to an end, the question we asked a few artists and partners is, what’s next? For some of the artists, their work for Occupied Warren 2.0 started in April – this long with juggling work, school, family, and other responsibilities. With juggling so many responsibilities, we thought for...Read More
Artist Jessica Oswald works on her art installation for Occupied Warren 2.0

Occupied Warren 2.0 Visual Entry Five

Jessica Oswald participated in the first Occupied Warren project in 2018. Aside from being a beautiful work of art, one thing that stuck with me about Jessica’s installation was the guests’ reactions to it. People were consoling one another, some cried, others just stood in silence and looked. Jessica describes this exhibit and the impact...Read More
Portrait of Occupied Warren Curator, and artist, James Shuttic

Occupied Warren 2.0 the Curator

As part of our Audio Sessions series, project manager, curator, and artist for the Occupied Warren 2.0 Public Art Project, James Shuttic, stopped by Sound United to answer a few interview questions. Wearing multiple “hats” for the project, and having curated last year’s Occupied Warren, James offers a unique perspective on the project.   Where...Read More
Female artist working on public art installation

Occupied Warren 2.0 Visual Entry Three

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The neighboorhood was so quiet that as I walked closer to the Occupied Warren project site, I could only hear the sound of a hammer pounding on a wall. In between those sounds, there was a pause, and then the sound of materials moving. The orchestrator of this sound and progress was artist, Summer Zickefoose....Read More
Sound United Podcast Studio manager adjusts microphone for interviewee

Occupied Warren Audio Sessions

In the last post, we mentioned producing Q & A interview sessions with Occupied Warren artists at the Sound United Podcast Studio. The official title of the project is “Audio Sessions,” and we’ve wrapped up most of the interviews. There’s a mix of new artists and a few from last year’s Occupied Warren project. Lisa...Read More
House for Occupied Warren 2.0 Art Exhibit in Warren, Ohio

Rise of Occupied Warren 2.0

If you’re behind on what precisely the Occupied Warren Public Art Project is, you can start your visual storytelling journey here. For a more in-depth explanation, you can find information on the Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County website. If you’re up to speed, welcome to the first entry of Occupied Warren 2.0. Unlike last...Read More