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Public Art
A purposely blurry photograph of artist Jessica Oswald working on her Occupied Warren art installation. Photographed by DeShawn Scott of The D5 group

Occupied Warren Visual Entry Eight

Occupied Warren… Tick Tock The event date for the Occupied Warren Public Art Project is less than two and a half weeks away. Artists, like Josh Ford, finished their installation a week or two ago. For him, everything between now and the event date is helping out or doing light touch-ups to his art installation....Read More
Artist Bill Barron works on his concept for the Occupied Warren public art project in Warren, Ohio. Photography by DeShawn Scott of the D5 Group, a digital and visual marketing agency.

Occupied Warren Visual Entry Three

3 April 2018 For public art installations, April is usually an ideal time to get to work. However, since the project meet-up on March 17th, the weather has been unfavorable for the Occupied Warren project. Low temperatures outside, means even lower temperatures inside the heatless house. Between the snow, rain, and overall dreary days, for...Read More