Car Batteries Types: Tips for Choosing

There are 5 types of car batteries, which have different characteristics. Match it to the specifications of your vehicle.

Car Batteries Types Choose the Right One

Car Batteries Types. As a very important component of a vehicle, the choice of a car battery should not be made lightly. Like other components, car batteries must be matched to the specifications of the vehicle. Nowadays, you can choose a battery that fits your car as manufacturers have produced different types of batteries.

We will tell you about the different types of car batteries and how to choose a high-quality car battery.

Types of car batteries by type

We often hear about wet and dry batteries. Car batteries are not limited to just these two types. There are 5 types of car batteries that have different characteristics. What are the five types?

1. wet battery

Wet batteries are the most common and easiest to find in various vehicles. Wet batteries contain an electrolyte liquid H2SO4 or sulfuric acid. This liquid acts as a plasticizer for the cells in the battery. This water contains lead-antimony, which acts as a lead enhancer. 

However, this content is volatile, so the water in the battery will run out faster. Therefore, divide it once a month. If the water level has dropped, you can add battery water up to the recommended limit.

2. dry battery

If you are too lazy to maintain a wet battery, you can use a dry battery. Although the name is the dry battery, the same liquid is used inside the wet battery. However, this liquid contains lead calcium and is shaped like a gel. Unlike the liquid in wet batteries, which is diluted like water.

This calcium-tin content makes the dry battery-less volatile. There is also no fill hole like in wet batteries, the contents are factory regulated. So you don't need to worry about refilling. Nevertheless, dry cell batteries have a certain life span. Generally speaking, the service life of a dry battery is 1.5-2 years.

3. hybrid battery

As the name implies, hybrid batteries are used for hybrid powertrains of cars. This battery is a combination of dry battery, wet battery, and also calcium. Hybrid batteries are non-volatile and relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain.

However, the disadvantage of this hybrid battery is its corrosive effect on the car engine. The components of the car engine can be damaged even if the hybrid battery is used for a short time. This battery is also rarely found in car battery stores.

4. calcium battery

If you ask, which type is the best? Calcium batteries are the answer. It is called a calcium battery because the terminals of this battery are made of calcium.

5. gel battery

The last type of car battery is the gel type. This type is considered the best and most advanced type of car battery. The liquid material is made of gel with non-corrosive materials. The maintenance of this battery is also quite easy and the life of the battery is long.

Tips for choosing a car battery

Now that you know the types of car batteries, let's talk about how to choose the best car battery. You can consider these tips when buying a battery.

1. Buy from a trustworthy store.

One of the most important factors when choosing a battery is to buy it from a trusted store. You can also buy it from an authorized store. Trustworthy stores or official stores must sell original batteries because currently many sell fake batteries.

2. Match the battery with the specifications of the vehicle.

Of course, to achieve the best result, the battery you use must match the specifications of the vehicle. Especially if your car has been equipped with additional accessories or a sound system that requires more power.

3. choose the right battery type

Some vehicles are only compatible with certain types of batteries. So before you buy a battery, you need to know what types of car batteries are available and if they are suitable for your vehicle. In this way, you can manage your budget for buying a car battery.

4. selection according to the capacity of the battery to be used.

In addition to choosing the type of battery, you also need to pay attention to the battery capacity. Battery capacity is measured by current and voltage. You can check your vehicle's manual to find out what battery capacity is appropriate.

When choosing a battery that matches the capacity of the vehicle, it is recommended that you use a battery that has a much lower voltage than that of the vehicle. A battery with a high voltage will cause damage to the electrical components in the vehicle.

5. Consider the best car battery brand.

It is undeniable that a well-known battery brand will affect the psychology of the buyer. Brands that are used by many people are usually proven to be successful. Therefore, you can learn about the recommendations for the best car battery brands.

6. Avoid buying used or reconditioned batteries.

We can find many used or reconditioned batteries for sale. Used or reconditioned batteries are an alternative if you don't have the budget to buy a new battery. These used batteries may even be bad for your car.

Now that you know the different types of car batteries and how to use them, here are some tips for you. Read also what are the major components of a car.

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