How to Clean Car Glass Mold Without Hassle

One form of car care is cleaning the vehicle, including the windshield. For this reason, we must know how to clean auto glass molds.

How to Clean Car Glass Mold Without Hassle

How to clean car glass mold without hassle? You do not know how to clean mold on car glass? Let's look at how to clean it easily.

One form of car care is cleaning the vehicle, including the windshield. For this reason, we must know how to clean auto glass molds.

Considering the upcoming rainy season, where it will rain almost every day and all day long. We inevitably need to pay more attention to the car's glass to prevent it from getting moldy. The quickest solution is to clean the windshield with a clean cloth immediately after it has been in contact with rainwater or plain water until it is completely dry.

However, we are often so busy that we forget to clean the windshield immediately after it has been exposed to rain. We have a method for cleaning auto glass molds that can be done at home.

Cleaning car glass molds

Rainwater contains highly acidic substances that can cause mold on auto glass if the water remains on the auto glass for too long. Rainwater can also cause the bodywork to rust quickly. 

If the mold has already dried, we can clean it with the following methods.

1. use of soda

Mold on auto glass is very annoying and can affect visibility while driving. In addition, the growing mold can cause unpleasant odors and be a source of disease.

Cleaning it is quite easy with ingredients you can find anywhere, such as soda water. The composition of soda water is the same as baking soda, which can be used to clean the house.

The trick is to clean the moldy glass from adhering to dust, then spray soda water on a dry cloth and spread it evenly. Then rub the moldy glass with the cloth several times and let it dry by itself.

2. use toothpaste

Toothpaste is not only good for cleaning teeth but also can remove mold on glass. Toothpaste contains hydrogen peroxide bleach, a strong oxidizing agent that can kill mold.

To remove mold on auto glass with toothpaste: apply toothpaste to the moldy glass and then let it dry. Then rinse with water and wipe with a microfiber cloth until dry.

3. use of alcohol

Cleaning glass with alcohol must be 50-90 percent. To do this, use a soft cloth moistened with alcohol and a little water. Then wipe the moldy car glass carefully so as not to scratch the glass.

4. use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is usually used for cooking recipes. However, this ingredient can also be used to remove mold on auto glass. 

To do this, mix 1 liter of water with 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Then take a cloth and spray it with apple cider vinegar. Rub the glass several times until it is clean. Then dry it with newspaper.

5. bleach for clothes

Clothing bleach can be a way to remove mold on glass. However, care should be taken when using it. Make sure to wear gloves during the cleaning process, as bleach is harmful to the skin.

Use a soft cloth to wipe the glass with the bleach. After that, you can rinse the surface with clean water and dry it with a microfiber cloth.

6. use a special car glass cleaner.

The next way to clean auto glass mold is to use a special chemical liquid. This chemical cleaning liquid for auto glass mold must contain certain ingredients to remove mold without damaging the auto glass.

The main ingredient of the special cleaner must have a fungicidal or anti-fungal effect. Some products that are commonly recommended are Glass Scrub, Rain Clear, Glass Cleaner, and 3M All Purpose Cleaner.

First, we clean the mold-infested windshield with Glass Scrub and then apply Rain Clear to prevent the mold from growing again.

Meanwhile, 3M All Purpose Cleaner liquid can also be used to remove mold. In addition to removing mold, this liquid can also be used to clean car interiors, remove lime scale on auto glass, and as a multi-purpose liquid for stain removal.

The glass cleaner has a thick but firm texture. It is effective for cleaning car glass and even brings a maximum gloss effect. 

The best glass cleaner is one that can also remove grease and oil.  No wonder the crust on the car and other residues can be removed with glass cleaner.

However, it is interesting that there is a way to remove mold on car glass with sunlight. The sunlight used must be Sunlight Hygienic Glass Cleaner, not the sunlight used to wash dishes. Just dissolve the liquid in water and spray it on the glass.

7. use of tobacco water

Making a mold remedy for auto glass using tobacco water involves the following steps. First, we can soak the dried tobacco for 15 minutes or until the juice comes out. While waiting, first clean the surface of the auto glass with cold water.

When it is clean, we can spray the tobacco-soaking liquid on the surface of the moldy car glass. Spray more than twice to make sure the windshield is free from mold. 

Then rinse the surface of the car with clean water. Finally, dry the windshield with a clean cloth to prevent the mold from growing again.

Using tobacco water to clean auto glass mold is highly recommended by experts and researchers instead of using soda. The reason is the high nicotine content of tobacco can kill the mold, so it will not grow on the car glass again.

8. use aquarium glass cleaner.

The last way to clean car glass from mold is to use aquarium glass cleaner. Compared to special cleaning liquids, this aquarium glass cleaner is easier to use. Due to its more liquid nature, it is easy to flatten onto the surface of the auto glass.

The trick is to spray the glass cleaner on the surface of the car glass and then rinse it off with water. 

If we wait a few seconds before rinsing with water, stains will appear on the auto glass. So rinse the car glass with clean water immediately after spraying the aquarium cleaning liquid.

When applying, please note that we must use latex gloves. Because this aquarium glass cleaning liquid contains certain chemicals that cause itching on human skin.

This is how to clean car glass form that we can do at home. However, if we have doubts about the cleanliness of the car glass when we clean it ourselves at home, we can rely on a car wash to remove the mold.

We have recommendations for auto repair shops that reliably clean and maintain car bodies at affordable prices.

Causes for the appearance of mold on car glass

There are many causes for the occurrence of mold on auto glass. It is important that car owners carefully clean auto glass to prevent mold from growing.

Incomplete drying after washing the vehicle.

Although it may seem simple, washing a car also requires precision. If you want to wash your car yourself, pay attention to the drying process. Make sure that the remaining water on the glass does not dry completely and mold develops.

Rainwater residue that has not dried.

This problem is the same as the drying process after washing a car. If the car is exposed to rainwater, it should first be rinsed with clean water and then dried until it is completely dry. 

As we know, rainwater residue that has not been cleaned is one of the main causes of moldy auto glass.

Parking in a damp place for a long time.

During a pandemic like today, many vehicles are parked for long periods. This can lead to mold growth on the windshield if it is not used for a long time. 

Avoid damp places so that your car does not start to mold. We need to regularly clean the car from dust and dirt that sticks to the car even when it is not in use. 

Poor water quality

The clean water we use to clean the car can cause mold on the windshield. Why is this so? 

The reason is that the quality of clean water used contains lime and high salt content, which easily causes mold on car glass. As a rule, this type of water is groundwater. The solution is that we can use water from drinking water plants to wash the car.


Can toothpaste remove mold on auto glass?

Toothpaste can be used to remove mold on auto glass. For maximum effect when cleaning auto glass with toothpaste, use white toothpaste. Avoid cleaning auto glass molds with gel-type toothpaste.

What is the name of the glass cleaning liquid?

Cleaning agents for auto glass that are suitable for removing mold include Glass Cleaner, 3M All Purpose Cleaner, Glass Scrub, Rain Clear, and various remedies for mold on auto glass in Indomaret.

Can alcohol remove glass mold?

Alcohol can be used to clean auto glass mold, as long as the alcohol content is 50-90%.

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