The Best Car Glass Mushroom Cleaner

It is very annoying to find mold on car glass. For that, this is a recommendation for a stubborn car glass mold cleaner

The Best Car Glass Mushroom Cleaner

The best car glass mushroom cleaner. In the rainy season like today, the main problem that is often encountered is the presence of mold on car glass. To get rid of it you need a special car glass mold cleaner. There are natural car glass mold cleaners and some are in the form of special liquids.

Cars as a mode of daily transportation have the potential to be exposed to sunlight as well as cold temperatures and direct rain. These weather changes cause glass mold to appear when we don't immediately clean the car glass that is wet from the rain.

Even if you rub it with a cloth, the mold still can't disappear if you don't use a special car glass mold cleaner. This article will provide recommendations for car glass mold cleaning products and tips for maintaining car glass.

Car glass mold cleaner recommendations

Here are recommendations for car glass mold cleaning products that you can try to remove mold on car glass.

1. Waxco Glass Clean Polish

The recommendation for cleaning stubborn car glass mold is Waxco Glass Clean Polish, which can be found in e-commerce or marketplaces.

This glass cleaner from Waxco is suitable for all types and layers of glass. One of the ingredients in Waxco Glass Clean Polish that can clean stubborn mold is cerium oxide. Not only mold but stains from insect or bird droppings and stubborn scale can disappear.

2. KIT car glass mold cleaner

The KIT brand as a vehicle cleaner is quite familiar and trusted among the public. KIT products that can be used as car glass mold cleaners include KIT Glass Polish and KIT Auto Glass Cleaner. 

Besides being able to be used to clean mold, dust, oil, dirt, and stubborn crust. The advantage of KIT products is that this cleaner is free from ammonia content which is harmful to human skin.

3. Masterpiece Glass Compound

Masterpiece Glass Compound is claimed to be able to remove stubborn scales and stains easily and quickly. How to use it is quite easy, namely just rubbing it into the part where there are a lot of molds. If there is stubborn mold or stains, then we can rub it 4 times.

4. Sabusa Watersport & Crust Remover

Sabuda Watersport & Crust Remover is claimed to be the most effective stubborn car glass mold remover because it contains premium polymers that can protect car paint.

When applying it, we need to be careful. You can use a brush to apply it and wipe it using a dry cloth that has a soft surface.

To get maximum results, you can use a microfiber glass cloth or Sabusa Microfiber cloth for Exterior Detailing.

5. HM+ Car Glass Mold Cleaner

HM+ car glass mold cleaner is claimed to be able to clean mold on car glass without damaging car glass film particles because it contains ethanol and isopropyl which are cold and easily oxidized by air.

Before applying it, we need to mix it with car shampoo using a 1: 1 ratio and then add clean water. Besides being applied to car glass, HM+ can also be used to clean the car body.

6. Nerds Glass Scrub

Nerds Glass Scrub is suitable for any type and brand of car, including Japanese and European cars. This is because Nerds Glass Scrub contains safe acid compounds. You can find it in the marketplace or e-commerce.

As the name implies, this glass cleaner has a scrub texture where the small particles in it can repel mold on car glass due to waterspout. Nerds contain cerium oxide which can smooth the surface of car glass.

7. 3M All-Purpose Car Glass Mold Cleaner

The price of this 3M car glass mold cleaner is fairly cheap. Besides being able to clean the glass surface of the car, 3M All Purpose Cleaner can also clean other materials such as plastic, rubber, leather, or car dashboards.

8. Soft 99 Glass Refresh

This brand is the most expensive car glass mold cleaner. You can find it on e-commerce or the marketplace at a low price when there is a promo or discount.

The advantages of this product are its compound texture, the content of the cleaning liquid is effective in removing mold, and oil and leveling the surface of the car glass. In particular, the remnants of the coating can be removed.

9. Maxxim Pro Glass

Maxxim mold cleaner has properties like taro leaves, aka hydrophobic. The use is quite easy, shake the cleaner before use and pour it into the microfiber then rub it evenly until the fungus is completely gone.

10. Otobi Watersport Remover

Especially for European and American production cars, you should clean the mold on the car glass using Otobi Watersport Remover. Although this is a local brand from Jakarta, the results are no less satisfying, especially on European and American cars.

How to clean mold on car glass

In addition to car glass mold cleaning products, we can also make car glass mold cleaning liquid at home with certain ingredients. The following materials can be made as natural car glass mold cleaners.

Clean the surface of the car glass immediately when exposed to rain

When driving under rainwater, you should immediately clean the car's glass. If you delay, the risk of mold growth will be higher.

The reason for the growth of mold on car glass is that car glass is left wet for days after being exposed to rainwater. We can clean the rainwater using a chamois or microfiber cloth.

Baking soda

Baking soda or baking powder is an alternative to natural car glass mold cleaners that are safe and can be used with a mixture of water. After mixing, we can spray it on the surface of the moldy car glass.

Soft drink

Another alternative is to use soft drinks. The method is quite easy, first, wipe the surface of the car glass using a dry cloth. 

Then, wet another soft cloth using sparkling water and rub it on the surface of the car glass. For the record, do not mix fizzy drinks with plain water so that the soda content is not lost.

Apple cider vinegar

Making an apple cider vinegar-based car glass mold remover requires 1 liter of water. To do this, mix 3 spoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 liter of water. Next, dip a cloth in the solution and rub it on the surface of the glass affected by mold.


Toothpaste is an economical and practical alternative to cleaning car glass. Toothpaste has a special content that can remove mold on the surface of car glass.

The method is quite easy, namely applying toothpaste on the moldy part of the car glass and letting it sit for a while until it dries. After the toothpaste dries, you can rinse it with water and a cloth or brush gently.

Clothes bleach

How to clean car glass using clothes bleach is by wetting a cloth with enough bleach liquid and then rubbing it gently on the surface of the car glass.

Alcohol content 50% - 90%

The last alternative to cleaning car glass mold is to use alcohol that has a level between 50% and 90%. The method is quite easy, namely, wet a soft cloth with alcoholic liquid and rub it gently on the surface of the car glass so as not to scratch the surface of the car glass.

Tips for choosing a good car glass mold cleaner

There are many recommendations for mold cleaning products for car glass. Starting from the cleaners with the cheapest prices to the most expensive prices. How to choose a good car glass mold cleaner? Here are the tips.

  • Considering the content of car glass cleaner ingredients that have good ingredients to clean mold and scale, it doesn't always have to be a cleaner that produces a lot of foam.
  • Choose products that contain silicones, resins, coatings, and glycol ether that are effective in preventing dirt from sticking to the car's glass.
  • Purchase a cleaner that suits your needs.

How to maintain car glass

The most important thing about all car glass cleaning activities is that you know how to properly care for car glass so that it is not prone to mold growth. 

The trick is that when stains appear on the surface of the car glass, whether stains are caused by rainwater or other dirt, clean them immediately without delay.

Clean the dirt using a soft cloth so as not to leave fine scratches on the surface of the car glass.

After cleaning the car glass using water, make sure that the car glass is completely dry so that the debut and dirt do not easily stick again. 

Finally, make sure that the rubber wipers are installed properly so that they can function to sweep away dirt and stains.

In addition to taking care of car glass, we also need to take care of other parts of the car body. If scratches appear on other parts of the car body such as the car bumper, you need to do a body repair service to repair these scratches.


What is the name of the car's glass mold medicine?

Many auto glass mold remover products can be used, for example, car glass mold remover kit, Sabusa, Soft 99 Glan Refresh, and many more.

Can toothpaste remove mold on car glass?

You can clean the mold on the car glass using toothpaste by applying the affected area with toothpaste and letting it sit for a while to dry and then rinse.

How to remove mold on glass?

You can use special car glass mold cleaning products or make glass mold cleaning liquid using alternative ingredients such as baking soda or toothpaste.

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